Poynton Town Council

Coppice Road Allotments – Plot & Site Inspection (June 1st 2017)

General Concerns

Poynton Town Council conducted an inspection of the Coppice Road Allotments on Thursday 1st June 2017, to check on current progress of the site overall and individual plots. This was carried out by Liz Osborn (Town Clerk) and Philip Cunningham (Operations Manager).

They determined that 3 plots showed insufficient evidence of cultivation and signs of long term neglect, and they will be contacting their tenants by letter shortly. A further 9 plots were noted for further monitoring at the next inspection to be held at the end of July 2017 for evidence of further progress and improvement. Two plots were singled out for praise for the standard of cultivation or the most improved plot. The tenants concerned will receive congratulatory letters in the near future. The Council has asked that the following matters be brought to your attention via this website as they affect most tenants of the site

Of particular concern was the state of the public areas of the site, particularly the driveways and the top car parking area which they have asked to be brought to your attention for urgent remedial action. Also the neglected state of many of the structures erected on the plots.

Each plot holder is required to keep their adjoining driveway free of weeds and spilt soil up to the centre line of the driveway. Similarly where there is a plot or site boundary fence or wire, that weeds are removed from its base. While some plot holders may prefer to eschew the use of approved herbicides, weed removal is mandatory and not optional.

In the car park area there is much spilt wood chip and manure scattered over a wide area. Plot holders are reminded that they should remove any spillage, down to the underlying hardcore, after using the woodchip or manure facility.

Many of the sheds are in need of application of fresh preservative treatment in either the approved colours of brown or green, and several have torn or missing roofing felt which should be renewed promptly.

The Council does not consider that the use of plastic sheeting or woodchip to suppress weeds counts as ‘cultivation’, and plot holders are reminded that a minimum of 75% of the total plot area should be devoted to the growing of crops in the main summer season. This will be a focus of the next inspection in July.

The Council continues to be fully supportive of the provision of allotments as a community asset and their use as a recreational facility as well as for the physical and mental health benefits for those residents who engage in allotment gardening. Whilst it is necessary for the Council to encourage the meeting of minimum standards of cultivation and maintenance, ultimately it is for plot holders themselves to create the allotments of which they can be justly proud.

Guidance Notes for plot holders on Inspection criteria


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