Coppice Road Allotments Association

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Coppice Road Allotments Association

Notice of Annual General Meeting

to be held on Sunday 4th February 2018

commencing at 11.00am (prompt) in the Blue Room, Poynton Civic Hall off Park Lane, Poynton


Opening of Meeting


Minutes of the last AGM – vote to accept as a true record

Matters Arising from the Minutes of the last AGM

Chairman's Report – vote to receive

Secretary's Report – vote to receive

Treasurer's Report & Statement of Accounts – vote to receive and accept

Accounts for years April 1st  2013 – March 30th 2017 – vote to accept

Vote of Thanks to Lorraine Jenkinson & Chris Wells for examining & verifying the accounts

Vote on Subscription Rate for next Membership Year

Election of Officers & Committee

 (Note: existing Officers & Committee are eligible for re-election, and will remain, unless contested, in which case election will be decided by vote)

The following positions are available for nominations


 Vice Chairman


 Hon Treasurer

 Committee Members (5)

Appointment of ‘Auditor(s)’ & Authorised Signatories

Other Business

 a) Award of Honorary Membership – R. J. Mcmenemie

 b) Participation in Poynton Show 2018

 c) Holding of an 'Open Day' in 2018

 d) Formation of the following future project sub-committees

Procurement and installation of New Communal Shed

Replacement of Fencing at lower (western) side of Allotment Site.

Modification of Manure Bunker

Procurement and installation of composting toilet.

Any Other Business

Close of Meeting

Note: The named tenants of plots are members of the Association and entitled to vote on any resolution. Family members and friends of tenants are welcome to attend as observers and participate in discussions, but are ineligible to vote on resolutions.

Printed copies of past minutes, reports and accounts will be available at the meeting but there may be insufficient copies available for everyone attending to have a personal copy, so sharing of copies will be necessary. Full copies of all documents will be available to read and download from the Members' Section of the Association website prior to the meeting. If you do not have a password to access the Members' section, please contact Philip Swift by email at to be issued with a password.

Nominations for Officers & Committee Members should be sent by Proposers and Seconders to as soon as possible before 4th Feb 2018. Positions for which no nominations have been received may be taken by vote from the floor at the meeting.

Coppice Rd Allotments Association.

Draft of Minutes of AGM  2nd November 2014.


Guest...Mr M.Adams   Clerk Poynton Town Council.


S. Hodgkinson.

V. Brook.

E. Lowe.

M. Beasley.

Vote to accept minutes of last AGM.

proposed by T.Parr...

Vote Accepted.

Treasurers notes.

Accounts... Back in surplus by £115. for acceptance …. Voted to accept

Comments...Make the sales list more available....Vote accepted.

                 ...Membership year change as noted in agenda....Vote accepted.

Election of Committee members and Officers.

Current Officers .. P.Swift(chairman)...R.McMenemie(secretary)....A.Morgan(treasurr)

Vote to accept existing Officers and Committee members ...Accepted.

New Committee members ..



Election of ‘Auditors’.

Christine Gibbons....Co Auditor....Vote accepted.

T. Parr..................Co Auditor... Vote accepted.


Changes in constitution as noted in Agenda..Resolution, Section 2, 3.

Membership year to change,  financial year still April – March.

T.Parr question... “Can out of Poynton residents be plot holders..”

Answer  M.Adams.... “As long as they reside in Cheshire East.”

Question...  “ Can man/wife tenancy changeovers take place”.

Answer M.Adams.... “PTC would be sympathetic for this situation”.

Question...  P.Stephenson... could the AGM be advertised as he did not know the date of the present AGM.

P. Swift stated that. all members had been notified by email and those without email had been notified by letter. (note. P. Stephenson subsequently discovered the meeting notice in his ‘junk’ file)

Answer..M.Adams...  said he could put a note out with the rent demands.

M. Adams talked about the changeover of Allotment site from Ches East to PTC.

The waiting list is now down to 50 persons awaiting tenancy.

C.Oakes commented that there is a lack of transparancy with the waiting list.

Answer....M.Adams says he will produce list of those waiting and pass to P. Swift.

C.Oakes asked if tenancy transfer for existing plotholders will be treated sympathetically?

Answer ...M.Adams.   “Normally yes, however if plot becomes derelict it will be decided upon inspection.

Question B.Hallworth... “What is the process of determining the plot rental ? “

M.Adams gave reasons for increase in plot rents based on the average national rental of £80 per 250 sq. m. which equates to 32p per sq.m. He said that no monies were available for the administration of the allotments, so the allotments had to be totally self-financing. The figure of 32p sq.m had been adopted, but could be adjusted in the light of experience.

P.Swift also mentioned that discounts in rents were unfair and from now on all rents will be charged the same at the new rate and also stated that PTC were assessing the new rates on a non-profit basis.

Marjorie Woolley... “Birch Tree overhanging her shed in dangerous condition.

Answer..M.Adams.... “PTC tree surgeon will assess situation”.

Question  P.Stephenson...   “Who is responsible for driveway”

Answer..M.Adams.... Register a complaint with Ches East.

Also T.Parr says... “go to the C.E. Highway faults website.

Question .. B.Hallworth ... “Who owns the land next to Scout Hut..

and is there any land available for allotments. ?”

M.Adams... Ches East own the land and PTC are looking at another site for use as an allotment.

Question .. T.Parr.  “can the water on the allotment site be turned off in cold weather..?”

Answer... yes.

Question .. P.Swift... “should the CRAA subscriptions be raised and by how much?”

Proposal... T.Parr... Subs should go up to £10 from October 2015.

Comment...P.Stephenson... “Communal shed is in need of renewing”..

General discussion ... as there is no money available it will have to stay as it is.

P.Swift...  “should we have an open day at the Coppice Rd site,  and what about the Garden Safari and Poynton in Bloom?”

General discussion led to considering an open day for charity in July.

Close of Meeting

There being no further business the meeting was declared closed, and  attendees thanked for their attendance

R.J. McMenemie

January 2018 – Chairman's Report

It is a while since we held an Annual General meeting, owing to a number of personal reasons affecting committee members, so this AGM presents an opportunity to catch up with business and go forward into the new season. Our former Secretary, Bob Mcmenemie retired in 2015, owing to recurring back problems which forced him to give up his plot. Bob, had served as Secretary since the inception of the Association in 1999 and played an important and active role in the development of the Association in its earlier days. In recognition of the contribution he made to our efforts I shall be proposing that he be awarded Honorary membership and I hope that the meeting will support this.

The administration of the association, including that carried out formerly by our Secretary, has been carried out and maintained by myself, as your Chairman, and by Allan Morgan, as Treasurer. Having both held these positions since the creation of the Association in 1999, we now feel the time is right to step down and allow someone else to take over and consequently we'll not be offering ourselves for re-election at the fortcoming AGM. However we shall both be available to share our experience with our successors, if needed,. I urge members to seriously consider offering themselves for the positions to bring a fresh outlook and new ideas to our association.

As you will see from the Meeting Agenda, there are a number of projects planned for this and future seasons, whch, when completed, will enhance the facilities or security of the allotment site for the benefit of all members.

Some of these projects are dependent upon active participation by members. The Town Council has indicated its willingness to consider contributions from the ‘maintenance and improvement’ monies to help fund some of these projects, but to save contractor’s costs much of the preparatory work can be managed by members. Those members willing to volunteer their efforts are asked to step forward by joining one, or other (or all!) of the project sub-committees.

We still have a number of people on the waiting list for an allotment, though thanks to the efforts of Phil Cunningham (PTC) any vacancies that have arisen have been rapidly filled. The Council have been continuing regular plot inspections to ensure that tenants are meeting their obligations to maintain their plots, and we are still receiving around 2-3 new applications per year. The waiting list currently stands at 30-40 applicants. The recently published Neighbourhood Plan has included provision of statutory allotments to the western side of Poynton to meet anticipated demand arising from the various projected developments in new housing within the town. Nationally, allotments are under continuing threat from housing and other developers and a number of allotment sites have been lost recently to re-development. Although there is no ‘cast-iron’ protection of allotment sites from developers, one way to strengthen the defence of an allotment site is for it to be perceived as an attractive and desirable community asset rather than a dilapidated neglected ‘eyesore’.

Philip Swift

Treasurer’s Report and Statements of Accounts


We have been in a period of consolidation building up our reserves since the Subscriptions have been raised to £10.00 and collected on our behalf by PTC at the same time as our rents to the Council. We have not always had the subscription monies transferred over to us before the end of our financial year and thus some statement of accounts appear to show a loss for the year – there is no real loss just no subscription monies transferred to us in that financial period.

The final Statement is for this year but takes us up only to mid December 2017. It is given to help any incoming  new Treasurer and to give you all a better understanding of where we are at the moment. The closing statement of a profit of £ 1,956.78 will change by a known expenditure of c. £120 (for a year’s Insurance and the hire of rooms) and income of around c. £450 (from the Subscriptions and B/Soc. Interest). So assuming we receive the subscriptions monies from the Council before the end of March and there are no new - at present unknown transactions - we will be around £2,250 in surplus at the end of this financial year.

Allan L. Morgan

Statements of Accounts

(continued overleaf)

Note: The Financial Year runs from April 1 to March 31. The Membership year runs from Oct1 to Sept 30.