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(affiliated to the National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners Ltd)

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12 May, 2018

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Management Committee


Chairman: Phil Swift (plot 21)

Vice-chairman: Steve Hodgkinson (plot 8)

Hon. Secretary: Jane Harrop (plot 23a)

Hon. Treasurer: Chris Oakes (plot 9)

Committee Members:

Margaret Woolley (plot 5a)

Diane Penny (plot 4)

Sarah Curran (plot 30)

Nuri Zughaid (plot 26a)


Michael Harte (plot 24b)

Poynton Show 2018 - Sub-committee & Helpers

Steve & Helen Hodgkinson (plot 8 - project leaders)

Tom Parr (plot 20)

 Phil Swift

Jane Harrop

Sponsorship Organiser

Position unfilled

Website Administration

Phil Swift

Seed Scheme Administration

Phil Swift & Chris Oakes

Raised Bed Kits - Loan Administration

Chris Oakes

Site Safety Sub-committee

Phil Swift

Officers & Committees 2017/2018