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The Coppice Road allotment site, in Poynton, Cheshire, came into being in the early 1970’s in response to demand from residents in the Poynton area.

For many years, though managed by the former Macclesfield Borough Council, (now Cheshire East), contact between the individual plot holders and the council was difficult to coordinate. During the 1990’s the site began to decline, both in its appearance and in the numbers of plot tenants. In an effort to reverse this trend, the plot holders on the site formed themselves into an association in 1999. Regular contact with the council was established, and work undertaken jointly to regenerate the site. Though the site is now directly administered by Poynton Town Council, the association continues to work to improve and maintain the site, for the greater enjoyment of its members, and to improve its visual amenity value for the local community. This arrangement has worked well, to the mutual benefit of the allotment holders and successive local authorities. With a mixture of cooperation, consultation and self-help initiatives, the Coppice Road site has benefited from a range of improvements that have transformed it from its unprepossessing former self, into a vibrant, forward-looking and friendly allotment community.

At Coppice Road allotments, membership of the site association is restricted to allotment tenants and is mandatory for all tenants. The association, through its volunteer members, maintains the communal areas of the site, and tenants are free to express their own individuality and creativity on their plots. Poynton Town Council remains responsible for administration of the waiting list, plot-letting, rents, and monitors plot utilisation and cultivation, by randomly timed site inspections, and is responsible for ensuring their conditions of tenancy are upheld. Prospective tenants for a plot on this site should contact Poynton Town Council ( in the first instance, to register their interest.

Other sites within Cheshire East are ‘Association Managed’; that is, the site’s tenant association assumes responsibility for all the administration work in return for a discounted ‘block’ rent. The local Town, or Parish, Council, as landlord, controls the conditions of tenancy, though the association also monitors plot utilisation and cultivation. Membership of the association on these sites is normally also mandatory.

Yet further sites within Cheshire East continue without an individual representative site association, but through a federation of several sites affiliated to the National Allotments Society through the North West Counties Allotments Association, itself part of the NAS.  Many town and parish councils are now encouraging plot holders to form an association on allotment sites, to assist in better liaison and to enable associations derive the additional benefits that may be such an arrangement.

We hope to show, through this web site, the benefits that the formation of a plot holders' association, and affiliation to the National Allotments Society, coupled with a degree of self-help, can bring. By illustrating our successes, and our mistakes, we hope to provide a little guidance for other allotment holders wishing to improve and revitalise their sites

It is one of our aims to form links with other sites in the region so that jointly we can continue to improve liaison with the respective councils and other public bodies, working to enhance facilities for all plot holders, and promote allotment gardening as an enjoyable and healthy pastime. At the same time, by creating attractive sites with greater visual amenity value, we aim to improve the ‘standing’ of allotment sites within the wider community.

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